Our contribution to the Omnichannel Experience

We know customers and buyers are already omnichannel and they look for a seamless and consistent shopping experience and relationship throughout the different touch points with the brand, either physical or digital.

Omnichannel is about true continuity of customers’ experience. We provide the ideal scenario to complete the “consumer journey” with information about his behavior in the physical space, which is critical to improve the business results.

Our Services


Visitor Journey Analytics

Identify yourself to the visitors, analyze their journeys and visit behaviors, and infer what they like and their preferences. Improve your retargeting activities.

Smart Interaction

Impact your visitors with the most relevant contents based on their location, moment, preferences and brand objectives.

Workforce Optimization

Strengthen and lead your workforce to the most appropriate place at each moment, optimize your operations and enhance the experience of your customers in your facilities.

How we do it?

Gennion has built Nutshell TM, a suite of Technologies and Advanced Services of Location, Mobility and Analytics that digitally transforms your physical places. Plan, measure, understand and anticipate acting in real time with persons and assets while these are in your facilities

A solution for each industry

<p> Malls
Integrate the physical shopping experience in your digital space, transforming the management models.
<p> Hotels
Get a better understanding of the customer behavior in your hotels, to adapt the offer, improve offered services and optimize your operations of assistance, cleanliness or maintenance services.
<p>Retail Chains</p>
<p> Retail Chains
Retail Chains
Analyze visit occasions of your customers and do retargeting to influence in their purchase decisions.
<p> Infrastructures
Improve the user experience, optimize management and operations, and get the highest profitability of your commercial zones.

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